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With all the parks and hiking trails in Colorado Springs, there are many options for outdoor adventures. While these outdoor adventures can be awesome for personal relaxation and stress relief, our cars do not get the same serenity from being in the great outdoors as we do. Parking in the gravel parking lots outside a trail entrance can expose our vehicle’s exterior to dust and pebbles that can turn even a freshly cleaned vehicle into a mud monster in mere minutes. Our interior is at risk too. When we hike the trails and walk through the parking area to get back to our vehicle, we can bring dirt, dust, pebbles, and even leaves back with us on our clothes or our shoes. Once we open the car door and step inside, all those lovely little nature friends join us. Now our vehicle’s exterior and interior are covered in all kinds of dirt and debris. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the simpler things and trips to the great outdoors. It simply means we need a good car detailing service to help clean things up after a day out in nature. That’s what we are here for! Our professional mobile car detailing services are here to help you clean up your car without losing that feeling of serenity the great outdoors just gifted you with. We have many detail packages for anything you could need for Colorado Springs car detailing

The Mini Detail package is a lovely little package that combines the best of our services, in a smaller package. This package is designed for the busy customer that still needs a complete interior and exterior detail clean.

Mini Detailing starting at $129.99

Our Mini Detail package starts with a full exterior cleaning to gently remove all the dirt and grime that has made your car’s outer surface into their home. All your vehicle’s windows, inside and out, will be cleaned to a streak-free shine. Our team of expert detailers will not forget your tires and wheel wells! Those areas will be thoroughly cleaned and degreased and finished off with a high-quality protective treatment. This treatment is included to help keep your tires and wheel wells safe from fading, rust build-up, and extreme dryness that can cause cracks in the surfaces. Your interior will also get some love with a full vacuum of the seats, carpets, and floor mats and also a complete wipe down of all interior surfaces. 

We guarantee top-notch car detailing services provided by a team of the most qualified and trained professionals that the auto detail Colorado Springs industry has to offer. Our team has many years of hands-on experience, and, in that time, we have worked with almost every type of vehicle you can imagine. We provide speedy service, but our quality never wavers. Our car detail Colorado Springs experts love what they do. It is evident in the thorough transformations we create. We are your go-to resource for any mobile detailing service your vehicle will ever require in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Your car will look brand new, inside and out, by the time we’re finished. We provide detailing for your car’s interior and exterior surfaces to ensure your vehicle looks great all around. We all know it’s much easier to have fun driving your car around when it’s free of dust and grime. Our auto detailing service based in Colorado Springs ensures that you’ll be looking flashy as you drive around town in your brand new-looking vehicle. 

When you’re tired of automatic car washes and other detail shops Colorado Springs not getting the job done the right way, call us instead! Stop wasting your time and money on second-best cleaning services! We are your go-to place for all your detail car wash Colorado Springs needs and wants.

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